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  1. A page for describing WMG: Timespinner. After one of the endings, the librarian is going to get a promotionDespite his little dialogue, he comes off as a.
  2. You have to do 2 playthroughs to get both endings. You can do the 2nd in New Game+ for more fun. Timespinner is a 2D platforming game featuring time manipulation developed by Lunar Ray Games. Here you'll find let's play videos, fan art, story discussion, speedruns, and more!
  3. Full list of all 37 Timespinner achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore. It takes around 12-15 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Xbox One.
  4. If you want to support me - Ending List: Live your life in the past - 0:06 Rule as the Empress of Lachiem - 2:36 Ascensio.

Timespinner suddenly presenting its LGBTQ-nature in its sidequests is the game itself coming out of the closet to you. At that point in the game, you're at least a couple hours into the experience. You're enjoying it and you're probably committed to finishing it. It's just like all the other Castlevanias you've played.

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About Timespinner
Timespinner is a beautifully crafted story-driven adventure, inspired by classic 90s action-platformers. Join timekeeper Lunais on her quest for revenge against the empire that killed her family, using time-bending powers to explore a vast connected world.

With her family murdered in front of her and the ancient Timespinner device destroyed, Lunais is suddenly transported into an unknown world, stranded with seemingly no hope of return. Using her power to control time, Lunais vows to take her revenge on the evil Lachiem Empire, but sometimes the course of history isn't quite as black and white as it seems...

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Timespinner New Game Plus

00Cheveur SpringAn obsolete robot programmed to attack any sign of life.122Sharp, Plasma, Light, Dark
01Cheveur TankA tank designed to ram enemies. Modeled after an extinct bird of prey.243Synthetic Plume ***Sharp, Plasma, Light, Dark
02Blossom AutomatonA self-propogating machine built in the image of an ancient flower.354Berry Pick-Mi-Up *Sharp, Plasma, Light, Dark
03Mobile BlossomA flower-like machine that acts as a mobile artillery cannon.355Berry Pick-Mi-Up *Sharp, Plasma, Light, Dark
04Ceiling StarA discarded prototype that failed its original purpose. Now replicates unchecked in the wild.184Mind Refresh ***PlasmaLight, Dark
05Cheveur HelicopterIt hovers through the city, searching for, and attacking, those who are out after curfew.61Blunt, IcePlasma, Light, Dark
06Gargoyle SentryA strange invention that both cleans and protects!306BluntFire, Ice, Plasma
07Security GuardPatrols the city's research towers, in search of unwanted visitors.307Security Visor ***

Security Vest ****

Plasma, DarkFire, Aura
08Flesh ArachnidA grotesque spider that watches the city, but for whom?204Fire, Ice, LightDark
09Harvest RatA tiny rodent known for violently protecting its stash of herbs.134Herb *Blunt, Sharp, Fire, Ice
10Baby CheveurDespite its cuddly appearance, this young bird is still quite dangerous.509Cheveur Drumstick *Ice, Plasma, DarkAura
11Worm BlossomShoots sapling seeds when it detects any nearby movement.4511Potion *Sharp, Fire, IceLight
12Poison MothSilently flies through the air, poisoning travelers with its noxious spores.208Antidote *Fire, IcePlasma
13PlantbatPoses as a succulent fruit in order to swoop down on the unwary.4212Orange Juice **Sharp, Fire, Ice, LightBlunt
14Cheveur-FlyObnoxiously flits through the air, hoping to lay its larvae in fresh flesh.216Plump Maggot *Blunt, Fire, Ice, Light
15Barbed AnemoneIs able to float at will in order to search for food.3215BluntSharp, Ice, Light
16Wild CheveurA young Cheveur that charges at anything that enters its territory.6520Ice, Plasma, DarkAura
17Savage CheveurA terrifying Cheveur that is often used in stories to frighten little children.10030Cheveur Feather *

Cheveur Plume ***

Ice, Plasma, DarkAura
18Freshwater EelA vicious creature that easily bores through sand and rock.7523Eel Meat **SharpFire, Ice
19Lachiem ArcherAn archer who shamefully hides their face with a bird mask.4016Leather Jerkin **Sharp, Aura, Light
20Lachiem KnightCommon footsoldier of the Lachiem army. Blocks attacks with their shield.5524Copper Helmet ***

Copper Breastplate ****

Blunt, Aura, DarkSharp
21Lachiem EngineerA clever, but cowardly, soldier that prefers to use brains over brawn.3211Engineer Goggles ***Fire, Ice, Aura, Dark
22Hammer GiantessThis new addition to the Lachiemi army wields an incredibly large hammer.11229Blunt, LightSharp, Fire, Dark
23Cheveur HatchlingA freshly hatched bird that hungers for meat.329Blunt, Fire, Ice, PlasmaAura
24Fledgling WarbirdA half-domesticated Cheveur raised from a stolen egg. Has a short temper.6526Ice, Plasma, DarkAura
25DemonA devious little imp that loves to cause trouble.3612Sand Vial **Fire, LightBlunt, Ice, Dark
26Royal AdvisorA snooty high-born that pledged their life to Viletian royalty.6027Advisor Hat ***

Advisor Robe ****

Ice, Aura, DarkFire, Plasma
27Copper WyvernA meaty amphibian who spits acidic water on foes who encroach on its territory.3813Wyvern Tail *FireBlunt, Ice
28EctoplasmA slime commonly found near untended graves.5020Ether **Fire, Ice, Plasma, Aura, Light, DarkBlunt, Sharp
29SirenA gorgeous demon that preys on the proclivities of the lost.6629Siren Ink *Sharp, LightIce, Dark
30Mushroom TowerAn overgrown cluster of mushrooms that emits toxic spores when struck.5620Antidote *

Mushroom *

Blunt, Fire, IceLight
31SporevineBotanists can't agree if it is a fungus or a plant, but all know that it is quite lethal.6324Sharp, Fire, IceBlunt, Light
32Ancient FrailAn enormous snail-like creature that is likely to be centuries old.20040Mother o' Pearl ***BluntSharp
33Cheveur DragoonA soldier that personally raised and trained this Cheveur from an egg for battle.16042Cheveur Breast *

Dragoon Helmet ***

Ice, Plasma, DarkAura
34Plasma PodAn imported creature from Vilete that acts as a Plasma battery.7232Plasma Core *

Hi-Ether ***

35Ice AdeptA silent mage who spent their life studying ice magic.7631Filigree Tea **Sharp, Fire, Aura, DarkIce, Plasma
36Royal GuardA mysterious robed figure, allegedly from a foreign country.9936Chaos Rose *

Chaos Stole ****

Fire, LightBlunt, Ice, Dark
37Meteor SparrowA living meteorite that resembles a hawk. Dive-bombs anything that moves.4824Warp Shard **Blunt, IceSharp, Fire
38Empire KnightA staple unit in the Empire's galactic peace force. Their shield reflects foes' attacks!15038Combat Helmet ***

Military Armor ****

Blunt, Plasma, DarkSharp, Fire, Aura
39Empire SniperTrained to take down troublesome targets from afar.12535Military Armor ****Plasma, DarkAura
40Starship EngineerAn engineer tasked with maintaining planet-conquering starships.9231Plasma, Dark
41Empire GiantessAn elite soldier made with the newest Lachiemi technology.30072Chaos Horn ***Blunt, LightSharp, Fire, Dark
42Fetid WyvernAn aggressive amphibian that reeks of rotting flesh.4826Antidote *

Rotten Tail *

Sharp, Ice, LightBlunt, Dark
43IchorFolk tales say that these are the spirits of forgotten soldiers.6028Hi-Ether **Fire, Ice, Plasma, Aura, Light, DarkBlunt, Sharp
44AntheiaAn alluring demon that lurks in swamps and marshes.6632Nymph Hairband ***Sharp, LightIce, Dark
45Fanged AnemoneA bloated anemone that explodes into shrapnels when disturbed.5024BluntSharp, Ice, Light
46Creeping FungusA prolific fungi capable of populating a room within minutes.12545Antidote *Fire, Ice, LightPlasma
47Devil's VineA creature that seeks to strangle anything that breathes.15042Sharp, Fire, Ice, LightBlunt, Plasma
48Helix ToadIts moist skin has been marinating in poisonous air for a millennium.33380Sharp, LightBlunt, Dark
49Tenebrous MothAn undiscovered variant of moth that emits deadly neurotoxic spores.9666Antidote *Fire, Ice, LightPlasma, Dark
50Security TurretMotion-activated security camera that doubles as a turret.6432BluntLight, Dark
51Experiment #11The result of a clearly unethical procedure.6633Sharp, Fire, Ice, Light
52Experiment #13If you listen carefully, you can hear it softly moaning in agony.30080Fire, Ice, Light
53Hell GazerMaintaining eye contact with this fiend will sear your body and soul.12840Fire, Ice, LightBlunt, Sharp, Dark
54FiendA tiny demon that is more powerful than its size suggests.9932Sand Bottle **LightBlunt, Ice, Dark
55Galactic SageA high-ranking official elected to oversee the politics of the galaxy.10027Empress Cake **Plasma, DarkAura
56Demon GuardA powerful mage summoned from another dimension.30069Chaos Rose *

Azure Stole ****

LightBlunt, Ice, Dark
57Justice???15060Dream Wisp ***Blunt, Ice, DarkSharp, Fire, Light
58Conviction???25080Dream Wisp ***Blunt, Ice, DarkSharp, Fire, Light
59Zeal???25080Dream Wisp ***Blunt, Ice, DarkSharp, Fire, Light
60RyshiaA small child wearing a mask. Summons creatures with her flute.20080Elemental Beads *Sharp, Fire, Ice, Light
61Őrnagy RútA hound given the honorary imperial rank of major. Ended the 37-Day War with Belly Rubs.300100Fire, DarkIce, Light
62KainA sentient mask that sustains itself by draining the lifeforce of its wearer.30080Fire, LightIce, Dark
63NethershadeA horror that travels the roads of time, looking for unsuspecting victims.200500Fire, Ice, Plasma, Aura, LightBlunt, Sharp, Dark
64ZelA mysterious assassin who wields an ancient and powerful tome.20080Sharp, Ice, DarkFire, Light
65Feline SentryA cat-like robot that was formerly the apex of Lachiemi war tech.47550Sharp, Fire, Light, Dark
66VarndagrothThe Eye of the City, a blasphemous amalgamation of flesh and metal.800100Fire, Ice, LightDark
67Azure QueenA majestic and fearsome Cheveur, worshipped as a deity of fertility and war.1600200Ice, Plasma, DarkAura, Light
68Golden IdolA manifestation of chaos that feeds on anger and despair.2000250Blunt, LightSharp, Dark
69AelanaThe queen of the Lachiemi people. Uses Plasma orbs with her Aura abilities.2250300Aura, DarkPlasma
70The MawA demonic construct formed over a portal. It has only one purpose: total destruction.2500366Ice, LightFire, Plasma, Dark
71CantoranA powerful mage who defected from Haristel's unit.2250300Aura, DarkPlasma, Light
72GenzaA world-renowned scientist who sacrificed all that he had held dear for power.3000500Sharp, FireBlunt, Ice
73Emperor NuviusThe ruthless ruler of the Lachiem Empire and thus the entire Erneah galaxy.3500666PlasmaAura
74Emperor Vol TerrilisThe mad despot of Vilete who banished the Lachiemi to die.4000777AuraPlasma
75Prince NuviusThe Prince of Lachiem and heir to the throne.2500350PlasmaAura
76XarionA gigantic avian skeleton controlled by a devilish moth.3500550Blunt, Fire, LightSharp, Ice, Dark
77RavenlordA dark creature that manifests as a conspiracy of ravens.5000680Sharp, Fire, LightDark
78IfritA man conjoined with a demon, both bound to a magical book.5000700Ice, LightFire, Dark
79SandmanThe king of the sands.5000800Fire, Ice, DarkLight
80NightmareThe incarnation of the fears of all living things.66660LightDark

Timespinner Walkthrough

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