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Learn how to create the iconic Star Wars rolling credits in this awesome After Effects video tutorial.

Star Wars fonts are the first feature of the iconic films, appearing long before the glowing lightsabers or imposing spaceships. The epic typography packs a visual punch when accompanied by the exciting intro score, and Star Wars fans have long been searching the galaxy to find the specific fonts found onscreen. Actually, the use of ITC Serif Gothic typeface by Star Wars can data back to 1977, when it was used for credits text in the original posters of the first installment of the series. For the Star Wars logo font, you can see it here. Star Wars 1977 Original Poster Download ITC Serif Gothic Font. The tagline was probably hand-lettered in a heavy sans serif style based on the Star Wars logo; the credits are set in the ITC Avant Garde® Gothic typeface, another ’70s stalwart. © 1983 Lucasfilm – Title on the original Star Wars: Return of The Jedi one sheet – Click the image to see the complete poster on IMPAwards.

There’s probably no typography more recognizable to audiences than the Star Wars crawling text intro. When the credits first premiered in Star Wars: A New Hope, they actually shot it using a live camera dollying across real text on a black background. Here’s what that process looked like during the filming of The Empire Strikes Back. Sorry about the low-quality photo. It was taken a long time ago in a galax… You get the idea.

Star wars opening credits font

Now, 38 years later, obviously the whole process is much easier. Instead of actually shooting the scene with a camera, you can easily create the rolling titles and planet tilt effect in After Effects. The effect is fairly simple and this quick After Effects Video Tutorial can show you how it’s done.

The font used for the main text is Franklin Gothic Demi Bold with the title and subtitle being stretched just a little. You can download a ton of free Star Wars fonts from Fontspace.

Star Wars End Credits Font

This video was first shared by Capon Design on their YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing, guys!

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Have any tips for creating a Star Wars crawl? Share your advice in the comments below.

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